I’m back! (For a few minues)

It been 7 month. Since last post.

Now I’m back….. I’m got three apps for Windows 10 users.

It a Just remember remade in Universal Windows 10 App version

and Book Checker app that use to check a notebook. (But you have to enter information manually)

and Money Tracker to track all your money. (Again. You have to put your information in. manually)

Here is some screenshot of those apps:

Just remember: (Match screen & Pause menu)

justr  justr-pause

Book checker : Update 1.01

bc-home  bc-book

And Money tracker

mt-home  mt-list

After this post update. There will be no update for a while. As I’m try to refactor my code to MVVM pattern on my project.

Also. I’m studied in university. So it will be even more hiatus on this blog. But regardless…

Who ever read this. Thanks for visiting my blog ❤


Book checker : Change log

This is the change log of “Book checker” app

12/7/20016 – 1.0 Initialize release

What new/ What it can do

  • Booklist: A list of all the notebook you got. Add it in.
  • Symbol: To make the list look not too boring with only book name
  • Book status: Is it still or it was at teacher (sending) or it gone.
  • Book detail: By holding on one of the book in the list. And choose “Info”

Bug, Known issue, Place holder

  • Book detail log: will show same thing just concept
  • Language: Still not work

Start hibernate mode…

Just telling anyone who visit my blog

I was now stop all developing work.

But this doesn’t mean I’m boring of developing… No. I’m love to do it.

But my netbook. (HP mini) It was too old to to anything. So I give up about it. I will now gathering money for my new PC. Because my family was not a rich family.

So. Until that time. This blog will not have any update or anything. Keep follow this post if you want to know when I’m back. I will post new blog. Immediately when I got a new PC

But anyway. Thank for visit my blog. ❤